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A view on leadership

One of the advantages of traveling around the world and having worked with some of the top executives on the planet is I have been able interact with and observe some great leaders in action both in the business as well as the public sector. While some might think that someone at the top of a company is also a great leader by default; this is not necessarily the case. There are many key attributes that make up a good leader, but the one I want to talk about today is the desire to help.

There are those people who resort to using threat and fear to get what they want and think that dominance or violence is the only key ingredient they need. This way of operating can’t be farther from the truth. A truly great leader will have an undying urge to help. He truly wants to succeed and wants other to succeed.

I recently met someone who fits this bill. I attended a Salon held for Nobel Peace Prize Winner and President of Timor Leste (East Timor) J. Ramos Horta and was inspired by what he has done for his country and his persistence in bringing about the first Democracy of the New Millennia. He persisted for 24 years to lead his country out of war, deliver them from persecution and provide them independence. After listening to him tell his story and talking with him at length what stood out the most for me was his unmistakable care and desire to help. He truly saw that he had to stop the violence and get on with creating the future and that is exactly what he did. He is a true leader and the people of his country love him!

Leaders in every sector share certain qualities; Passion, Persistence, and Drive, but the Great leaders also include Caring and an unwavering desire to Help. It is my passion to help leaders succeed and provide them with tools and share experience that help them to navigate rough waters on their path to greatness.

These are my observations; I invite you to make you own.

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