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Michael Duff - Co-Founder In Your Face Skincare

“Lisa is great business person. I worked with her as business partner. She controlled a big company as CEO with strong leadership. She has long experience on Software business and

I think she will get success on any business area."

Yutaro Sei / President, Sohei Electrical Instruments

Co., Ltd

"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa while planning storage

products at Dell. Lisa had a strong knowledge of her products

and also provided valuable insight into customer problems

and how her products could benefit Dell’s storage solutions.

In addition to the thorough articulation of her business metrics,

it was refreshing to see a senior executive with the ability to have

a thoughtful, in depth technical dialogue on products. I look

forward to working with Lisa again in the future."

Marc Padovani / Dell

"Lisa from SELLability is a leader that can take an idea and turn

it into a billion dollar company. I have known Lisa for over 15 years

where I worked at Microsoft.

It was clear from those early days that she has the vision, conviction, confidence to create a successful company and can move products forward quickly while at the same time getting everyone behind her strategy!

I think her secret is that she really cares and believes in what she

does. She actually listens to people while really doing her due

diligence as well. In the end, she always makes the right decision

and drives it home without looking back!

I know that she didn’t write The Art of War, but it’s clear she knows

that classic book of strategy very well. Bottom-line, she has all the

skills to start a company, run a company and take one

to the top."

Mike Iem / Zeim Group

"Any company would be better off, having Lisa working there. She

has tremendous energy and determination, is effective and

result-oriented, isn’t afraid (as an executive) to “get her hands

dirty” and is one of the kindest people I know. I was fortunate

to work with her for many years.”

Rick Grassi / US Sales Manager

"Lisa at SELLability has always been about defining the precise

goal, articulating that goal in such a way that all personnel can

actually understand it as well as its importance and is able to

get them all rallied and in agreement with the goal, thus

accomplishing an amazing amount of effective action.

She never takes her eye off the goal and presses on with an

impressive work ethic until that goal and many more have been achieved. Additionally, her many capabilities allow her to eliminate

any barrier that gets in the way. I highly recommend her and SELLability!”

Eric Brownstone / CEO Web Studio West

"Working with SELLability was such a pleasure. During my time there

as a consultant Lisa was always there to assist me in getting my recommendations accepted and implemented.


Lisa exhibited the ability as a leader to easily transition into new

markets and through changing times. She also demonstrated the

ability to find the exact right whys to overcome organizational

barriers and has a results-oriented approach. She gets results!"

Ron Noe / Consultant

"It was clear from the outset that Lisa was unique in her role as CEO at Diskeeper when I first met her many years ago. She knew her technology very well and the business opportunities that existed for collaboration with Microsoft. I was very impressed with her ability to quickly find win/win solutions for the two companies to pursue.

Lisa is great at translating technology features down to the simplest business opportunities and working to find a partnership that benefited end customers. Lisa’s leadership at Diskeeper was effective and perceptible in all the interactions we shared with her and teams. I

would highly recommend Lisa to leadership positions at companies

of all sizes.”

John Kalkman / VP & GM – OEM Technical Sales, Engineering & Consulting Services

"Lisa from SELLability is a very dynamic leader. She has shown many diverse abilities in the corporate world and is very tenacious about achieving the objectives for those she engages with.

At the very beginnings of the creation of NAS (Network Attached

Storage), Lisa was able to clearly see the vision and its future.

She was able to immediately get products produced for NAS and

then toured the US making NAS a well-known name and product.

She is definitely able to get a group excited and behind her ideas! 

Lisa has been instrumental in many new technology ideas and

innovations and has been a valuable asset for us."

Zane Adam / Senior Director of Windows Server Product

Management and Marketing, Microsoft

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